With total available funding of $160.

AACN announces recipients of annual research grants The American Association of Critical-Care Nurses announces the recipients of its annual research grants, with total available funding of $160,000. This year, the association awards three AACN Impact Study Grants up to $50,000 each and the AACN-Sigma Theta Tau Crucial Treatment Grant with up to $10,000 in funding. AACN Impact Research Grants support clinical inquiry that drives change in high acuity and critical treatment nursing practice http://www.eriacta100.org . The grants are made to ensure a vital source of clinically relevant analysis for creating the evidence-based resources that influence high acuity and vital treatment nursing practice.

‘Less than one-third of osteoporosis instances are diagnosed, and just one-seventh of American females with osteoporosis receive treatment,’ said co-author Pauline Camacho, MD, director of the Loyola University Metabolic and Osteoporosis Bone Disease Center. ‘These guidelines use proof to help physicians better identify and care for these females. Approximately 80 % of the are women, many of them postmenopausal. AACE recommends that high-risk postmenopausal women should be screened instantly and all women ages 65 and older should be examined routinely for the condition. Hip fractures are the most critical complication of osteoporosis. Half of most sufferers who could walk independently are unable to do so twelve months after a hip fracture. A hip fracture qualified prospects to an elevated mortality rate for two years following the break.