Were openly openly with HIV / AIDS.

, According to a press statement by the South African Treatment Action Campaign with life-savingy issues. Jured and ten were for gunshot wounds treated One person had Pumla Xesha be hospitalized for at least ten of the injured persons. Were openly openly with HIV / AIDS. The majority of the protesters were women. Gave violence, threats of. Violence, threats of violence or any form of provocation No warning was issued to scatter is as required by law after the attack, such as running away people, police opened the fire with firearms and then used tear gas ‘.

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In the U.S. ‘, not Bullets’ for AIDS Fight in South Africa, says AHFAIDS Healthcare Foundation , the U.S. Largest AIDS organization, AIDS treatment clinics operates in the U.S., Central America and India including the Ithembalabantu Clinic in South Africa, today expressed its deep indignation at the unprovoked attack – including what is first ever first ever police shooting of AIDS protesters be anywhere worldwide – by South African police on AIDS activists conduct a peaceful protest. Protestors marched to ensure that people with HIV / AIDS receive antiretroviral treatment in Queenstown hospital and in the Eastern Cape region of South Africa.Within Dr. Gupta s different worldFirst up clipping a ruptured brain aneurysm. View the video from his surgery clicking here.

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