We believe that we deserve to be punished.

Procrastinating your projects until you are feeling overwhelmed, helpless and incompetent? 2. Making yourself body fat by overeating every full day? 3. Running from wonderful opportunities to achieve success? 4. Inviting untrustworthy, hurtful or unavailable people into your daily life? 5. Wasting your time doing items that doesn’t matter? 6. Doing or Drinking drugs an excessive amount of? 7. Refusing to require help when it is needed by you? 8.ExxonMobil, which has always been a supporter of Africare, will fund three essential malaria intervention and avoidance programs in Africa. ‘ExxonMobil has been an invaluable partner to bettering the lives of those living in Africa,’ said Africare President Darius Mans. ‘The company’s contributions – including not only funds, but their efforts to provide on-the-ground support, lend business knowledge and raise the world’s awareness of the scourge of malaria – have saved countless lives on the continent.’ The new grants, which total $1,425,000, will enable thousands of additional families and kids in Africa to receive the necessary look after managing malaria.