The new software solutions have been developed by MeVis in close cooperation with Siemens asmatic symptoms.

The new software solutions have been developed by MeVis in close cooperation with Siemens. They are part of the Magnetom Espree – Pink dedicated MR breast scanner, but also for all other systems of the Magnetom family from Siemens. ‘In addition to the known high diagnostic reliability of our software applications, these specialized MRI solution by an unusually high clinical process efficiency,’said Dr asmatic symptoms . Carl JG Evertsz, CEO of MeVis Medical Solutions AG. ‘The new syngo BreVis diagnostic reporting represents an important step towards real multi-modality diagnostics.

Simple and efficient applicationn a single viewopened with the new reporting software for breast imaging in magnetic resonance imaging , Siemens Healthcare radiologist with new opportunities in the field of gynecology. The syngo Brevis diagnostic software displays all of a patient test results in a single view – for example ultrasound or radiography images next to the images of magnetic resonance imaging – impossible with previous technology. In addition the physician can new new syngo BreVis Biopsy interventional software and a biopsy, if needed. It is almost fully automated and much faster than before. As such, this simple and efficient application is a great step forward for patients and users.

High growth out of breast MRI procedure expected of 2009-2016. Doctors begin offer and want order to expand their chest services need a solution which simply makes Breast MRI, has consistent high Movie Quality and provides a competitive advantage based picture quality, of patient comfort and efficiency.