The most common known genetic cause of autism kamagra 100mg.

The most common known genetic cause of autism, linked to about one to three % of the cases is a much larger duplication of part of chromosome 15, with about a dozen. Genes the chromosome 15 abnormality with autism and mental retardation () joined the chromosome 16 deletion is, however not consistently associated with mental retardation kamagra 100mg .

The authors suggest that the lost or damaged cognitive, language also involved in other cognitive, language and social impairments.To find genes with autism, the researchers scanned the entire genomes of 180 patients with autism looking for submicroscopic pieces of DNA that were mistakenly mistakenly duplicated in patients diagnosed with autism. They first found that two of these 180 had a deletion in the region 16p11.2 , 16 on the short arm of chromosome 372 None of the subjects had the same deletion.

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