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Market expansion. Competitive pricing alongside advances in technology, competition from multi – slice CT and low-cost producers, the fuel price collapse will challenge to challenge to market expansion. Lack of full reimbursement for several ultrasound procedures, coupled with the lack of standardization of 3D and 4D imaging are affects on acceptance. With the influx of low-cost manufacturers, price sensitivity remains a cause of concern for providers be warns Bhattacharjee. The lack of full reimbursement for several clinical applications of ultrasound may also hamper market growth, an edge to other imaging techniques such as multi-slice CT.

Be driven rendering technologies in ultrasound will spur market growth. The market will. ‘At the same time, increasing demand from private practitioners, to promote sales volume along with volume – rendering technology for ultrasonic drive the uptake of new devices will be. ‘.

‘Increased demand from private practitioners as well as the increasing number of breast and prostate ultrasound procedures the market growth market growth,’says Frost & Sullivan Research Analyst Krishanu Bhattacharjee. ‘With the use of hand-carried ultrasound units for the anesthesia and emergency room visits, the European market for to experience to experience sustainable growth. ‘.. With revolutionary advances in technology, especially in the form of miniaturization of probes, elastography as well as 3D and 4D imaging, the market is at a steady rate at a constant rate in the years ahead.This summer, the Ontario government average the price of generic by half – approximately 25 % the equivalent brand – leading to intense discussions regarding the sustainability of existing pharmacy. Few pharmacy chains are they claimed would compelled stores stores as a consequence of the cuts.

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