The largest study of its kind.

The largest study of its kind, follows the five-year study, more than 625,000 male and female patients over the age of 50 in Southern California who had specific risk factors for osteoporosis and / or hip fractures. Of initiatives in the Kaiser Permanente Southern California Healthy Bones Program reduced the hip fracture rates over the target of 25 %. Half of all women and a third of men sustain a fracture in their lifetime, the mortality due to osteoporosis-related fractures is combines greater than breast cancer and cervical cancer, said study lead author Richard M an orthopedic surgeon at the Kaiser Permanente Bellflower Medical Center. But it is a misconception that nothing can be done to prevent or treat osteoporosis. It is possible, at least a 25 % reduction in hip fracture rate to reach the United States if a more active role in all orthopedic surgeons in osteoporosis disease management is taken.

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