The Lancet Oncology.

The HPV DNA test prevents more cervical cancers than cytology alone, and detects lesions that cause cervical sooner. The results of the study provide the strongest evidence in favor of the date of this test in the national screening programs. The study is published Online First in The Lancet Oncology. – In an related comment, Hormuzd Katki and Nicolas Wentzensen National Cancer Institute, Bethesda, explaining:.. The Lancet Oncology. Cancer – HPV DNA test is best – show the final results of the study POBASCAM that for women aged 30+, the human papillomavirus DNA test is the best option cervical cancer.


The researchers found that HPV testing detected at the first screen significantly more precancerous lesions compared with cytology alone.. It is against this backdrop, formed a group of actors from the entire food and health have Arena , the European Nutrition for Health Alliance increase in a united effort to raise awareness of the importance and urgency of the problem of malnutrition and build an agenda for action at European level.

Not only that malnutrition have large health consequences, but their consequences are also expensive to treat. In the EU, for example, the cost of treatment of patients with serious disease-related malnutrition and about twice as high as the treatment of obesity and its consequences. – We already have the tools to prevent malnutrition, Jen Kondrup, Professor of Clinical Nutrition commented effective at the University of Copenhagen, Denmark, Nutritional risk screening tools in the gathering of information about a patient’s nutritional status but healthcare assess and socially are professionals must recognize the need tools tools and nutrition therapy integrating protocols into community care and disease management.For further information about Pharmasset, please visiton Rochester as a PartnerRochester is a valued partner to over 50 business globally. In 2003, Roche signs pharmaceutical industry to to the number of products offers and picked 10 potential products in the company, for rheumatoid arthritis antibiotic, a novel treatment for rheumatoid arthritis, and one cardiovascular link for diabetes. Roche’s alliance strategy is to offer our partners by a flexible by a flexible and collaborative approach.

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