The groupings planned to announce Wednesday.

All rights reserved.. AARP to utilize Hollywood to include health care issues in viewing AARP’s Divided We Fail campaign will work with an increase of than 500 Hollywood writers and producers to include messages about healthcare in the story lines of popular television shows and movies, the groupings planned to announce Wednesday, USA Today reports. The Divided We Fail campaign, which was released in April 2007 to locate a bipartisan way to make health care affordable, will continue to work with the Hollywood Radio & Television Society, the Entertainment Industry Base and the FILM and Television Fund. Campaign members intend to produce TV films and shows that talk about health care issues in an accurate way; push healthcare with political leaders; and arranged a good example by examining in-house health insurance plans.All rights reserved.. Acute kidney injury predisposes elderly to serious kidney disease Acute kidney injury – which is often caused by trauma, illness, or surgery – predisposes elderly individuals to the most serious form of chronic kidney disease , referred to as end stage renal disease , according to a report showing up in the January 2009 issue of the Journal of the American Culture Nephrology . The findings indicate that close medical follow-up is important for maintaining the fitness of patients who’ve experienced kidney damage. Kidney disease is a significant and growing problem in the usa and around the global world. Numerous factors – such as diabetes, hypertension, and aging – boost individuals’ risk of developing this condition.