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The FDA’s ban on BPA in baby bottles not definitive scientific studies, said Dr. Robert Brent, professor of pediatrics, radiology and pathology at Thomas Jefferson University in Philadelphia. The country is bordering on insanity of the exaggerated fear of chemicals. Association does not prove causality, said Charles Santerre, a professor of food toxicology at Purdue University in West Lafayette, America is overweight, not because of the BPA, but because we consume more calories than we burn.. The findings, 2.6 timesd today in the Journal of the American Medical Association, to add weight to calls for a wider ban on BPA in food packaging.Trasande and colleagues measured body mass and urinary BPA.

‘Obviously, poor diet and lack of exercise are the leading contributors to obesity, but this study suggests an important role for environmental protection, particularly chemical factors of the epidemic,’said study author Dr. Leonardo Trasande, associate professor of pediatrics and environmental medicine the NYU School of Medicine. Study did not study did not identify, excess weight than by BPA causes but in the context of growing evidence from experimental studies it raises another concern, ‘he said.. The new study found that children and young people, the high levels of bisphenol A or BPA were overweight.New forbidden research reheating the debate over bisphenol A, a chemical used in baby bottles, which can still be found in other food and drink containers.

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