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In fact, he says, the evidence strongly suggests, high dose of a statin in the same benefit of a person, LDL LDL of 100 mg / dL, as in a subject not having a LDL of 200 mg / dL when the two have the same general heart attack risk have. High-risk individuals are defined by NCEP as survived a heart attack survived a heart attack or the arteries or diabetes or multiple risk factors for heart disease such as high blood pressure, smoking and a strong family history of heart disease clogged.

– the problem is not just a lack of studies, however, as previous studies have been analyzed, says Hayward. Many studies have looked at associations between LDL and outcomes, but such studies do not distinguish whether the LDL level achieved was important or whether the statin was given important to distinguish. They also do not judge whether patients actually took their statins regularly – a crucial factor – and often do not consider whether the accuracy of the blood test that measures LDL the the patient therapy.Enough Vitamin D stop children with rickets, however dietary sources are limited, and there are problems determining what is a safe degree of exposure to sunlight , Greer said of the press on Tuesday. Trusted of rickets in children in the U.S. And other Western countries, where the biggest danger is in babies are exclusively breastfed and who not receive day supplemented from 400 IU of vitamin D. Daily.

More specifically proposes a new recommendation:babies that breastfeeding should be all or part start with a daily supplement of 400 IE vitamin D a matter of days after birth. Should to consume babies who are not breastfed and older children who low as a quart of , vitamin D fortified formula or milk per day well as a daily supplement of 400 ui of vitamin Germany -. November 2008, should also daily supplement of 400 IU of vitamin D if their diets not give them that sum every day.

‘supplement is important since most children do not get enough vitamin Germany on food alone,’he added. Carol Wagner, is limited and report, of which AAP Section breast Executive Committee and the co-author of the report, Greer said:.