The documentary.

10 Percent of China’s cooking oil could possibly be ‘gutter oil’ In accordance to a brief documentary made by Radio Totally free Asia entitled The Making of ‘Gutter Essential oil,’ the use of so-called gutter oil – illegal oil created from processed sewage and additional waste matter – is usually rampant among China’s food establishments . Actually, the narrator admits an estimated 10 % of China’s food preparation essential oil could be gutter oil purchased from the black marketplace. The documentary, which may be viewed here, starts with stomach-churning footage of a Chinese girl scooping waste materials from a city sewer right into a container – a job she’s kept for over ten years. Delighted with the yield, she and her man colleague carry the waste-filled container into their car.

#8) Wireless mind implants which can be remotely activated for legal reasons enforcement to create entire crowds of people passiveThe long term of ‘science’ involves all sorts of electronics implanted into the body. Probably the most convenient ones will be the ‘pacification chip’ that’ll be forced upon citizens along with ‘cash chips’ that they use to pay for everything . The pacification chip can be remotely activated by the federal government through cell tower bursts – – or through hand-held units issued to police and police commanders – – to immediately pacify huge crowds of protesters or rioters.