The DNA bands were self-assembly itself.

:: – – Notes The paper, An information-bearing seed for nucleating self-assembly in in the March 24 issue of the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.. In this way, the DNA bands were self-assembly itself, but only in prescribed forms, such as tapes having widths and in particular strips with stripe pattern with the original seed.The work, Winfree says, a degree of control over information – directed molecular self-assembly that is unprecedented in accuracy and complexity, which makes me feel that we are finally beginning to understand Research Program information into molecules and have that information direct algorithmic processes.

‘.. In the work, researchers versions of a DNA origami rectangle, 95 by 75 nanometers seed. As seeds for the growth of various types of ribbon-like crystals of DNA was used. Were placed in a were placed in a test tube with the other bits of DNA, as a ’tile ‘is heated and slowly cooled. Slowly cooled.

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