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Abortion-rights group equipment up for Senate debate The Hill: Abortion-rights groupings are holding a lobby day time on Wednesday to fight vocabulary in the House healthcare bill that could impose greater restrictions on access to the controversial procedure. The amendment by Rep . Bart Stupak , followed before Home passage on Nov. 21, would prohibit females who receive federal government subsidies for health care from purchasing insurance that addresses abortions, and it would prohibit insurance of the task in government-run health plans.

Professionals couldn’t say whether even more liberal laws led to fewer procedures, but said good usage of contraceptive in those countries resulted in fewer unwanted pregnancies. About 47,000 women passed away from unsafe abortions in 2008, and another 8.5 million women had serious medical complications. Virtually all unsafe abortions had been in developing countries, where family planning and contraceptive programs have levelled off mainly. ‘An abortion is actually a very easy and safe treatment,’ Gilda Sedgh, study writer and senior researcher at the Guttmacher Institute, stated. ‘All of these deaths and problems are often avoidable.’ The proportion of unsafe abortions rose from 44 % in 1995 to 49 % in 2008, researchers discovered. Sedgh acknowledged it was difficult to get a precise quantity for unsafe abortions in particular and referred to their estimates as modest.