Than 1 Examines Challenges in Chinas response to HIV / AIDSFocus on Chinas AIDS response ed treatment options.

Than 1 Examines Challenges in China’s response to HIV / AIDS’Focus on China’s AIDS response,’UNAIDS: Although China’s HIV prevalence of less than 0.1 percent of the population has to experience the country in addressing the challenges of the virus, according to a report from UNAIDS ed treatment options . The Chinese government in recent years has improved the response to the epidemic. Around the introduction of laws and regulations, implementation of HIV prevention and access to antiretroviral drugs According to UNAIDS, HIV prevention should remain a priority in China, where estimated more than 30 million people in behavior that puts them will participate in a risk of HIV transmission. In addition, stigma and discrimination people people directly or indirectly affected by HIV / AIDS in China efforts efforts of the virus, although the Chinese government has recently banned discrimination against HIV-positive people. According to UNAIDS, is expected to contain the implementation of the national five-year plan of China to combat HIV / AIDS help, the number of HIV-positive people under 1 J. In 2010 (UNAIDS.

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