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###Source:: Carmelle Malkovich St ixel dosage .in Questionnaire for Children developedresearch published today in The Journal of Bone and Joint Surgery, British Volume describes development and testing the Oxford ankle foot questionnaire. The new technique assesses the disability associated with foot and ankle problems in children between five and 16 years. – has been developed The Oxford ankle foot questionnaire ‘ ‘there are currently no families evaluated instrument to measure how the lives of children are affected specifically by foot and ankle problems, can ‘.

The study participants observed the Enigma illusion while their eye movements were recorded simultaneously with high precision cameras. Microsaccade prices increased before the illusionary motion accelerated and fell before the motion slowed, revealing a direct link between the eye movements and the illusion. – ‘We have discovered that this illusion originates with eye movements and not just the brain than previously thought,’says Dr. Martinez – Conde. ‘The results of the study could design future prostheses for patients with brain damage or lesions in the brain that help to motion motion. ‘.

The ORBIS team of was invited to Syria by the government of President Bashar al-Assad which Eye doctors ophthalmologist. While it currently not exercise no Medicine & Health, President al-Assad remains very interested in in eye care and is enabled in improving the ophthalmic children and adults Syria. At a 2008 visit the ORBIS team of, he was on board the airplane and about which view and meet surgeon. Track specialty of, cornea surgery for small children is rare outside the industrialized countries because it is doing much requires further training and complex surgical tool. Since 1982, the final mission of sympathy for Dr. To the Ecuador, Nicaragua, and the Fiji Islands in has attended in recent years Augenchirurgie eye surgery for children – .