She said the European governments to create a permissive environment for drug users.

She said the European governments to create a permissive environment for drug users. Europe should take on to to the compounds for the production of illicit synthetic drugs like ecstasy necessary.

Prescription drugs on the Internet is extremely serious.. Drugs via the Internet is a growing global problemAfter a UN body, governments should take over the world on sites controlled drugs. Controlled drugs. In many cases they are acting illegally.The number of sites sell these drugs are quite discouraging: Abolon, an anabolic steroid. Clozapine, an antipsychotic. Evista for osteoporosis. Hyzaar for high blood pressure. Prozac for depression. Ritalin for hyperactivity. Tamoxifen in breast cancer. Viagra for impotence.

Websites outweigh you how to outweigh your own medication on on drugs. Some sites even tell you to be discovered as the police.

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