Scientists measured displacements in acute brain activity by quantifying the level of Fos.

The rats were euthanized at defined time points examined in relation to the feeding schedule and their brains. Scientists measured displacements in acute brain activity by quantifying the level of Fos, is a protein product of the immediate early gene c-fos. Many neurons express c-fos when activated, Leng explained, with the Fos protein it encodes rising within an hour of c-fos expression.

Is the first to or their anticipation Sparks Brain hunger centerThe idea whet the appetite by serving hors d’oeuvres before a meal may have a solid scientific basis, according to a new report in the October issue the journal Cell Metabolism, published by Cell Press. In a study of rats trained to a strict feeding, the researchers found that brain activity in important hunger centers combined with the first bite. The drive to eat massively stimulated by the beginning of the meal, said Gareth Leng of the University of Edinburgh, who led the new study with Louise Johnstone together. This shows the appetizing effect of food itself as hungry acutely switched circuits. .

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