says Inder Verma.

The cancer-stem-cell hypothesis posits that cancers grow from stem cells in the same way healthy tissues do. Known as tumor-initiating cells with stem like properties these cells possess many characteristics in common with normal stem cells in that they are self-replicating and capable of giving rise to populations of differentiated cells. To check whether the induced glioblastomas contained bona fide cancer tumor stem cells, Marumoto isolated cultured specific tumor cells in the laboratory.These findings were backed by Singapore Bioimaging Consortium's cutting-edge bioimaging and metabolic profiling technology, for identifying the parameters for diabetes and obesity. Related StoriesStudy explores diabetes screening for patients with severe mental illnessProtein sensor for proprioception foundDiabetes avoidance starts in the wombThe NUCKS proteins is an important clue for managing diabetes advancement in obese individuals. It is the first direct molecular hyperlink found between your two health conditions and will open up new areas of research to identify drugs and explore lifestyle changes, such as dietary behaviors and exercises that could restore the known degree of NUCKS in your body.