Researchers used an extremely sensitive type of brain imaging as a tensor-based morphometry.

Researchers used an extremely sensitive type of brain imaging as a tensor-based morphometry, which can detect very subtle changes in brain volume, to examine the brains of three different groups: those who lost their sight before the age of 5, those who lost their sight after 14, and a control group of sighted individuals. Comparing the two groups of blind people, the researchers found, d gain of brain matter depends greatly when the blindness.

Suggestsnput.anges in the brain can help offset loss of vision and strengthen Other SensesVisually impaired people seem to be fearless navigate busy sidewalks and crosswalks, safely find their way with nothing more than a cane as a guide. The reason they can do this, researchers suggest that at least in some cases, blindness can sharpen the other senses, helping individuals adapt.

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