Reduce stock holdings and provide greater flexibility with regional packs.

Assembling regional packs outcomes in one pack being designed for as many as five marketplaces, as country specific details is put on the ‘Blue Box’ region as orders are received immediate from pharmacies or hospitals. The addition of the dedicated Later Stage Customisation Suite provides Almac the flexibility to process these orders immediately ensuring just-in-time delivery. David Downey, VP Commercial Operations of Almac, explains, With this client partners, we have successfully launched many high-value, orphan drug / niche items into the European market, hitting launch timelines, and maximising product flexibility to supply multiple markets. Utilising our integrated pharmaceutical and distribution services we can provide a seamless transfer of product and providers to the end-user.The 60-second ad from Concerned Women for America features a family physician, Ami Siems, caution that patients may be denied care beneath the new law and might not have the ability to choose their personal doctor. Siems previously appeared in ads criticizing the health care reform proposal sponsored by another conservative group, Us citizens for Prosperity, in ’09 2009 when the plan was being considered by Congress . CNN: Conservative Women’s Group Takes Out Massive Ad Buy Against Obama A conservative women’s advocacy group on Wednesday declared a major ad purchase aimed against President Barack Obama’s sweeping healthcare reform.