PRESS RELEASE LAS VEGAS, NV —This week the American Pharmacists Association Foundation will be showcasing the newly launched Patient Self-Administration Solutions at the Society for Human Resource Administration Annual Conference and Exposition. PSM Solutions, a successful model that is in use for over 10 years, can reduce overall price of care by around $1,000 per person with diabetes per year, improve health outcomes and increase patient satisfaction. Driving employee wellness is an integral strategic imperative for some companies. From increasing the number of days face to face to reducing the cost of advantages to improving employee inspiration and morale, corporate wellness applications are more important than ever before to businesses, and PSM Solutions might help address these issues.They found that very similar DNA sequences may believe very different topographical shapes, which can have a major effect on their lack or function of function. On the other hand, different DNA sequences might assume virtually identical topographical shapes and perform very similar functions. So, in most cases, DNA structure may be a better predictor of function than DNA sequence. The researchers went on to mine data organized by the PhenCode Project to find whether one-base variants in DNA sequence, called single-nucleotide polymorphisms , in non-coding regions could cause structural changes that may lead to disease.