Ovarian Tissue Transplant MIGHT HELP Some Women Have Children After Cancer Treatment: TUESDAY.

Two women had abortions, one because she was separating from her partner and the additional because her breast tumor recurred. A miscarriage was had by Another woman, the researchers said. For three of the moms, more than a decade had passed since the ovarian cells transplantation. In six cases, it was more than eight years. And for 15 of the ladies, transplantation had occurred more than five years earlier, the researchers said. Although three women had a relapse of their cancer, these relapses did not appear related to the tissue transplantation.These errors have many causes, and many potential solutions, regarding to a Rutgers-Camden nursing scholar who all extensively has studied the topic. For an article released in Nursing Leadership Discussion board, Co-author and Ashton Patricia Iyer examined the prevailing research on medication errors in hospitals, such as giving the incorrect medicine or incorrect dosage. They discovered that such errors occur due to a combination of flaws in the health care system and human error. Such causes of drug errors include: Poor communication, including written and verbal misunderstandings between doctors, pharmacists, nurses and additional hospital staff; Confusion over the 17,000-plus medicines available in North America, including drug brands that audio or look alike; Inadequate labeling, including misleading or identical container labels; Human elements, such as for example sleep deprivation, distractions, lack of knowledge, or poor functionality by hospital personnel.