Our patented CleanTec infection prevention technology brings science and precision to http://kamagra.mobi.

About Resurgent Health & MedicalResurgent Health supplies advanced hand hygiene technology for hospitals and healthcare facilities who are serious infection prevention and the elimination of dangerous pathogens in the healthcare industry. Our patented CleanTec infection prevention technology brings science and precision to. The process of removing dangerous microbes from hands For nearly 20 years, CleanTec brand systems have been used worldwide in agriculture, food processing, catering, clean room manufacturing and healthcare http://kamagra.mobi . CleanTech applications up to 75 percent less water than manual handwashing, discharges 75 percent less wastewater, and reduces waste in soap utilization.

Resurgent Health and Medical Honors Nurses During National Nurses WeekResurgent Health, a leader in automated handwashing and disinfection technology, today announced the recognition of the 2.9 million registered nurses, in the United States. Resurgent is to promote aggressively with hospital and medical facilities and to encourage, working hand hygiene and infection control. We are going to support and help for the nurses who work so hard on a daily basis to active care for all patients in the United States , together we are with zero tolerance zero tolerance for lack of hand hygiene with our CleanTech. systems, says Jim Glenn, CEO of Resurgent Health. Nurses wash their hands so many times during the day, and hospitals and facilities to to better systems and measures that provide this necessary hygiene step easier and more enjoyable. .

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