Of the Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine.

The data indicate a large gap between recommended obesity care and current practice of primary care clinicians, says Robert F. Kushner, of the Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine, Chicago, in the comment. ‘The reasons for the discrepancy are complex due to multiple physician, patient and medical system factors,’he writes. ‘Cited obstacles are lack refund limited time during office visits, lack of training in counseling, competing demands, low confidence in the ability to treat and change patient behaviors, limited resources, the perception that patients The results, and. Lack of proven and effective interventions to treat obesity ‘.

In this issue of the Archives, three articles on weight loss in overweight or obese patients have potential implications for the primary care practice, Kushner writes The results, described below, to inform effective interventions for obesity and its complications. Of primary health care.Merck and Co. Is currently in clinical trials MK-0457 in a variety of. Types of cancer as part of an working with Vertex Pharmaceuticals Incorporated & Co & Co. World and commercial rights to MK-0457 MK-0457 discovered by Vertex Pharmaceuticals.

‘.. At Giles and his team have plan to to begin later this month an international Phase II study with MK-0457 of patients with to the T315I mutation.

Giles reported that patients on the study, minimal side effects so that no maximum tolerated dose for defined experienced. Slight side effects contained reduce of white blood, hair loss, nausea and sore mouth. – ‘MK-0457 is a medication produces clinical and biological activity, we never seen is. To T315I positive CML and ALL and JAK-2 – a positive MPD It is a very active biological agents to people with advanced leukemia and have are very few adverse effects, any of which are quite manageable, ‘Giles said.