Ms Kearney said the ANF runs inequality inequalities in nursing attention and gain his improvements.

Ms Kearney said the ANF runs inequality inequalities in nursing attention and gain his improvements, last month at the campaign to ensure both working conditions for older nurses to quality care for older Australians. At the ALP National Conference , which was launched recently in Sydney , the ANF a mass postcard campaign tells the federal government that it’s time to provide for the care of elderly people in the 2013 budget. Up to 240,000 Australians are to show support by sending postcards to their local MPs and senators. Fair pay for older nurses and hospital personnel. Recognition of professional qualifications of the staff in the nursing and care staff through a national licensing system.

It is terribly unfair. ‘The wage disparity is only one question that. The elderly care industry in Australia It desperately needs more staff, more resources from the federal government and greater accountability for this funding, ‘she said.. Lowest-paidDay – Aged Care Workers Under Australia’s lowest-paid 95 % of women, AustraliaThe Australian Nursing Federation has call with ‘ Equal Pay Day’ by joining the ACTU for an end to the gender pay gap. – ‘Aged Care is largely a female dominated profession and need positive recognition and appreciation how they care for our most vulnerable Australians.Northouse GL, Mood ext, sheep field A, Montie EACH, Sandler carbide, Forman Young Women, Husayn M, Pienza KI, Smith DC, Kershaw D.

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