Meritorious research in 2013.

ASN Foundation for Kidney Study grants $3M for meritorious research in 2013 American Culture of Nephrology and the ASN Foundation for Kidney Research will fund $3 million in primary, meritorious research in 2013. ‘ASN established a foundation with one mission – to avoid and cure kidney diseases through research and invention. By supporting a complete of 20 new projects in 2013, the ASN Base for Kidney Research helps kidney specialists make a positive difference in the full lives of millions,’ Chair of the Plank of Directors Ronald J.Now, a team of experts led by Rockefeller University researchers have developed a map of gene ‘shortcuts’ to simplify the hunt for disease-causing genes. The investigation, spearheaded by Yuval Itan, a postdoctoral fellow in the St. Giles Laboratory of Individual Genetics of Infectious Illnesses, has resulted in the creation of what he phone calls the human being gene connectome, the full group of distances, routes , and examples of separation, between any two individual genes. Itan, a computational biologist, says the computer program he developed to create the connectome uses the same concepts that GPS navigation devices use to program a trip between two locations.