MarketWatch: . Investment losses for some of the funding gap, but the bigger problem, according to Pew, that many states simply fell behind on their payments to the cost of the benefits promised to cover – and that was before the Great Recession. To be fair, not all states in the same pickle. Are are said Pew , only 16 states are ‘solid in serious trouble now 19 in serious trouble (Powell.

USA Today: ‘States. Address their address their legal obligations to future pensioners have to pay pensions and health benefits for their public employees to raise taxes, says Susan ancestor, managing director of the Pew study, ‘The report adds that ‘only two states – Alaska and Arizona – have financed more than 50 percent of its obligations to pay retiree health benefits twenty states address retiree health benefits rather than on a pay-as – you-go basis. Set up set up ‘.

(Tumulty, NPR: ancestor, says many states can appear in a worse condition than they , because they use an accounting technique called smoothing mean you define the value of their investment over the five years or so, depth to obscure the depth of their losses in times when financial markets have taken a hit, as they have in recent years (Zarroli..Writing in article, Alvaro Sanchez, said: ‘These results contribute the body of evidence that most young people to fulfill for plurality nutrition and physical activities regulations and still in need interventions that specific plurality of behavior Although resiliency. Programs on health promotion frequently specific several behavior famous, little about the best approaches to stimulation of more behavioral change. Further research is necessary, by James F.oung people. Feasibility and effectiveness of the various strategies for the promotion multiple behavioral change among young people. ‘.

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ON American Journal of Preventive Medicineis the American Journal of Preventive Medicine (the official journal of the American College of Preventive Medicine (and the society for Prevention teaching and Research (There published articles in the areas of prevention research, practice and policy. And 16th releases research into interventions to prevent on chronic and acute illness and the promotion of individual and communal healthcare focused. The journal has paper tackle the primary and secondary prevention important clinical , behavioral and the public health topics such as injuries and violence, infectious disease, women’s health, smoking, sedentary conduct and physical activity, nutrition, diabetes, obesity, alcohol and drug abuse.