Lea Munthe-Fog.

The patient’s antibody response to a pneumococcal polysaccharide vaccine was low, but the antibody responses to H. Influenzae, diphtheria, and tetanus vaccines were normal, indicating a poor response to polysaccharides but not protein antigens. Whether these results are random or are causally associated with ficolin-3 deficiency remains to be identified. Although it seems likely that ficolin-3 deficiency was responsible for the clinical disorders in this patient, observations made in a single patient should be interpreted with caution.While our organization has always remained focused on providing education and assets for ACE fitness specialists, our vision has evolved to address the needs of consumers and to encourage energetic lifestyles among folks of all ages and all levels of fitness in every community, stated Scott Goudeseune, American Council on Exercise president and CEO. The Council facilitates the Let’s Move Cities and Towns initiative and asks mayors and town leaders in the united states to take an active and substantive part in addressing the health and fitness of their communities and support those individuals leading activity-based programs at the grassroots level.