Las Vegas Sun doctors advise.

Las Vegas Sun doctors advise . Bush ‘remains steadfast in his ignorance – ignoring the overwhelming majority of Americans support research using stem cells, a large number of scientists who research and even prominent Republicans who prefer to support it,’a Sun editorial says. ‘fund the Bush government funds the research that scientists say, some of the cure world refuses most debilitating conditions is – unfortunately – not surprising,’the editorial concludes .

Rochester Democrat and Chronicle. ‘[I] f Bush thinks his muscles now by refusing to legislation, sign it they signed frees embryonic stem cell researchers somehow makes up for his failure in the gap for the Americans to stand, it is wrong, ‘a Democrat and Chronicle editorial adds that the veto ‘should not be the end of efforts to be in Congress to this type approved of embryonic stem cell research ‘.

Operations Answers institutes of Medicine doubts about President Bush’s HIV Prevention Strategy.

The HIV virus is spread primarily through sexual activity. The U.S. Approach in the field therefore critical to the success at fight the pandemic. During to appeal to the most U.S. Financing for AIDS treatment financed an essential part a significant part to sexual preventive programs. The funding gap results in two thirds of the budget of sexual preventing in direction abstinence – up – marriage programs, even when they has do not shown to be effective.