Initial reports of the incident implied that the 29 naturopathic doctors.

That does not support the view that the people concerned got the hallucinogen knowingly.’ Is Big Pharma trying to destroy off its competition? By all appearances, it would seem as though these 29 enemies of the multi-billion dollar pharmaceutical cartel were victims of an attempted mass slaughter simply because their work involves recovery people naturally instead of producing them lifelong slaves to the medical-industrial complicated and its high-profit ‘treatments’ that by no means heal. ‘It really is no secret any longer that Big Pharma is usually at battle with alternative medication,’ adds natural health enthusiast David Wolfe. ‘Its modus operandi is usually to generate profit by selling medicines that perpetuate a routine of addiction and dependency, than liberation and empowerment rather.’..Fitzsimmons, PharmD, Senior Vice President, Development at Astellas. We are confident that the ACT 5 trial will confirm these prior outcomes and additional demonstrate the therapeutic value of the exciting drug applicant. We support the decision to conduct the ACT 5 trial, and we’ll assist our partner Astellas in every method to expedite the start and successful completion of this research, said Doug Janzen, Chief and President Executive Officer of Cardiome. We estimate that Cardiome’s allocation of costs from this trial will end up being on the purchase of US$6 million, even though the excess time and expense of conducting another trial can be unfortunate, we think that Astellas shall ultimately be successful in gaining approval for KYNAPID in this essential indication.