Including data on quality in health care categorizes by include source of of payment.

State snapshots expanded to include new quality data on health insuranceThe Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality ‘s annual release of state-by – state data quality has been enhanced to include new data on health insurance, including data on quality in health care categorizes by include source of of payment, including private insurance, Medicare, Medicaid and those without insurance. The 2009 State Snapshots can be found here.

The 2009 State Snapshots provide state-specific health care quality, including strengths, Weaknesses and opportunities for improvements. State-level information is used to to create the State Snapshots is, data collected on the 2009 National Healthcare Quality Report. Overall, states get mixed reviews for the quality of the care they offer. As in previous years, AHRQ 2009 State Snapshots show that no state does well or poorly on all quality measures.

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