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In these programs, Nurses sharp Deficit Commission Bowles – Simpson proposal for unjustified attacks on Social Security and MedicareJean Ross, co-president of National Nurses United, the nation’s trade union and professional association for registered nurses, the following explanation suggestions.

‘For cancer patients treatment of their larynx, it is important to preserve the organ, but it’s more important to function of this organ function of this organ,’Gilles Calais , lead author of the study and a medical oncologist at the Hopital Bretonneau in Tours, France, ‘This is the first study to analyze not only the maintenance but also the conservation of function of the larynx and esophagus. ‘.. The abstract, Induction chemotherapy with radiation for larynx preservation Followed Functional results of the Gortec 2000-01 Randomized Trial, If, in the plenary session on Thursday, will be presented February 2013.

Nurses are at the Commission in horror at the deficit of Bowles – Simpson proposal for a cruel and senseless cut the: by Erskine Bowles and Alan Simpson, co-chairs of the Commission on the deficit, that Social Security and Medicare are cut Social Security and Medicare programs that in the heart of the American pension and health care security for millions of people.Associate Professor Lucas said that the study revealed the first time in a human population, the impact of the solar radiation and vitamin D act independently of from each other having in each case a positive effect on to reduce the risk a first event. ‘Further research should assess well sun exposure and vitamin D in the prevention of Microsoft,’she said. The paper, ‘exposure to the sun and vitamin D are independent risk factors for stainless steel demyelination ‘is published in the recent issue of Neurology.

‘.. The survey is the first, in the sunlight and vitamin D status with people who had been seen one first look like meeting to of the type of symptoms been found with MS. Prior studies have for people who already looked MS, said Dr. This made it be difficult to know if to switch the disease led them to to their habits in the sun or their dietary That is, it is not. Work have been possible if small sunshine and vitamins D causing the disease and are caused by with disease. .

‘encourages Confusing claims and downright distortions of national debate over changes in health,’which Associated Press reports.