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In the study, various groups of rats, where studied , the release of opioids in the core either to the simultaneous inactivation of the amygdala or a controlled salt solution occurred accumbens Les alle anmeldelser . The rats were then summarized in cages with a glass with a high-fat meal. If it is found that the rats opioids administered in the nucleus accumbens were three times more fat than the rats that ate the brine. However, these rats in which the basolateral amygdala was inactivated not binge. ‘The current epidemic of obesity Given understand, Hall how these networks desire to eat desire for food is very important, ‘said Will. ‘This research shows that a specific brain region may be responsible signaled for the supply of the basic metabolic needs of hunger, such as those cases, if you do not turn may determine that delicious chocolate chip cookie, or if you simply want an emotional boost from a bowl of ice cream. ‘.

However, the current approval process for drugs and biological agents in the United States has come under intense scrutiny, particularly because of concerns about the impact of the industry, the editorial in the December issue. From 1 JAMA be published is already published online today because of its relevance to current events. To take the necessary measures indicated the safety of marketed drugs to improve, has the approval of pharmaceuticals process must market market safety and surveillance, it is unreasonable to expect that the same agency that was responsible for approval of drug licensing and labeling would also be committed actively seek evidence to be false One option worth strong consideration, as others have suggested, is an independent drug safety to establish board or independent agency for drug safety, particularly for post-marketing surveillance of drugs and devices. Above all, the agency independent of independent of influence from the pharmaceutical, biotechnology companies and medical device companies. The market monitoring system requires a long overdue major restructuring Until that happens – like the articles in this issue of JAMA stated, as recent evidence of serious damage from the widespread and heavily promoted medications, as demonstrated embodied influence of the industry on the launch dates, and go to the lengths of the illustrated some manufacturers to protect their interests – the United States is still far behind an effective, vigilant, and trustworthy system of market the public. .

These studies will be ultimately assist of arming drug dev, biomedical researchers and pharma companies with genetic markers that to solve it on security of new medications in development. SAEC research findings to also Medical to view more information on the balance of between the overall benefits and risks of medicines, universities and local authorities a special genetic variant that are linked with a higher risk out of adverse events. Detect The science and innovative approaches to understand, predict and preventing serious drug-related adverse events being located in the heart of the ambitious plans of FDA to enhance of our safety of medicines We be encouraged to that this new consortium an important role associated game. Enhance drug safety by speeding up and to improve awareness of genetic variants with these side effects, wrote Janet Woodcock, with FDA Vice inspector and Chief Medical Officer. Given the substantial times, size and cost of implementation of conventional studies of safety, a coordinated, strategic partnership between the industries, academia, and government to move forward more quickly that critical science. .