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‘Males may be more likely to build their identities around sports activities or other extracurricular actions, so this could be why they aren’t affected by relationship inauthenticity,’ he said. With regards to the study's policy implications, Soller stated parents, educators, and policymakers should consider how to help ladies construct identities that are less closely tied to romantic involvement. ‘Helping ladies build their identities around items other than romantic romantic relationships may mitigate the consequences of romantic relationship inauthenticity on their mental health,’ he stated. Soller also recommended that creating programs and interventions targeted at offering adolescents with tools to greatly help them better control the way the events in their romantic relationships play out may lead to romances that enhance adolescent mental health insurance and other developmental outcomes..Siegel acknowledged and other smoking cessation professionals have said that it is feasible that smokers who got greater success cutting down or quitting were more likely to respond. This would bias the full total results, which already relied on a part of those contacted. We don’t know anything about the 95 % of the people who deleted the email, said Jennifer Unger, Ph.D. Maybe they’re still smoking the same number of cigarettes. Maybe they are using a lot more nicotine than before because they’re smoking ordinary smoking cigarettes and e-cigarettes. Unger, with the Institute for Health Disease and Promotion Prevention Research at the University of Southern California, does not have any affiliation with either research.