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ACS lends support to legislation that may provide much needed stability to Medicare program The American College of Surgeons is lending its support to legislation introduced this week in the U.S medisinering informasjon . House of Representatives . ACS is commending lawmakers for functioning together to build up a costs that implements meaningful reforms to the Medicare system. These reforms include permanent repeal of the damaged sustainable growth rate method utilized to calculate Medicare physician reimbursement and transition to a system based on worth and quality of treatment. ‘Leaders in the U.S. House of Representatives possess demonstrated a fantastic spirit of bipartisan cooperation to progress thoughtfully constructed, ACS-supported legislation which will provide much needed stability to the Medicare system,’ stated David B.

Hawker’s overview of ‘Measures in Adult Pain,’ evaluation tools to measure individual outcomes in areas such as sleep, exhaustion, physical function, and unhappiness are also obtainable in this special issue. Dr. Patricia Katz with the University of Guest and California Editor of the Arthritis Care & Research special issue, ‘Patient Outcomes in Rheumatology, 2011’ said, ‘In this issue, we revise and expand the amount of patient outcomes actions originally published in 2003 to add more than 250 measures-twice as many as previously covered. This single-source reference provides researchers and rheumatologists with a valuable, up-to-date reference for evaluating current patient assessment tools.’.. ACR special issue targets assessing adult pain More than 250 individual outcomes measures published in a single-source referenceAssessment of individual outcomes allows physicians and researchers to measure the success or failing of diagnostics and treatments that sufferers receive.