Given a representative subset of cis-regulatory module sequences.

Starting with a short list of sample cis-regulatory module sequences the computer algorithms search genome-wide for other sequences with similar-looking binding sites and similar functionality. Given a representative subset of cis-regulatory module sequences, we should be able to most of the other modules to predict, said Sinha. Ultimately it’s about. The full picture of what molecules are sitting where where, and what combination of molecules is controlling each gene .

Engineering Gene Regulatory sites is unknown to the regulatorA new statistical method developed by researchers at the University of Illinois and allows scientists to scan a genome for specific gene – regulatory regions without prior knowledge of the relevant transcription factors. The experimentally experimentally in the mouse genome and the fruit fly genome. ‘Our statistical approach widely applicable than other approaches, and is especially useful for the study of gene regulatory networks with relatively little prior characterization,’said Saurabh Sinha, a professor of computer science and an affiliate of the University Institute for Genomic Biology.

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