Based on a review of published scientific tests, they conclude endoscopy appears to be a safe modality for evaluating GI symptoms in being pregnant. A full text of the research and results highlighted in the monograph can be found on the ACG website at About the American College of Gastroenterology Founded in 1932, the American College of Gastroenterology can be an organization with a global membership greater than 10,000 individuals from 80 countries. THE FACULTY is committed to serving the oriented digestive disease specialist through its focus on scholarly practice clinically, research and teaching. The objective of the College is to provide the evolving needs of doctors in the delivery of top quality, sound scientifically, humanistic, ethical, and cost-effective health care to gastroenterology sufferers.It not merely makes your hip and legs stronger but offers you strength to practice other yoga positions conveniently also. Extended side angle pose is one such pose that is designed to strengthen the hip and legs, stretch spine and completely start your body. This pose is beneficial in treating constipation, lower back pain, osteoporosis, sciatica and menstrual pain. * Tree pose : – Tree pose is a great pose to stability your hip and legs while toning your quads simultaneously. It builds inner and outer strength and improves balance and control over your body.