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This finding underscores the need for folic acid supplementation for all women of childbearing age group to prevent neural tube defects. Experts in Ireland and america determined the genetic make-up of 395 people born with neural tube defects and 848 controls. The TT form of the gene responsible for processing folate is connected with an increased threat of neural tube defects, however the team attempt to investigate the chance that the CT form would can also increase the risk of these malformations.The follow-up interview rates in the intention-to-treat analysis were the following: 60 percent at 1 year, 46 percent at 1. 5 years, and 29 percent at 24 months, with no significant differences between groups at these time points .22). Outcomes Long-acting injectable treatment had not been superior to oral treatment in the duration of adherence to the randomized treatment . There have been no significant distinctions with respect to the initiation of concomitant psychotropic medicines . A complete of 237 of 369 patients continued to get the study medication throughout their participation in the analysis.