FDA approves BiDil.

One-size – one-size – fits-all approach (Boston Globe.. FDA approves BiDil, First Racially Targeted treatmentSome concerns David Magnus, director of Stanford Medical Center for Biomedical Ethics, said: who are allowed who are allowed this use in[s] the racial categories biological significance biological significance only social significance importance and support medical decisions on them may be problematic. But the more we know genetically, the more we know social social categories correspond to genetic groups is a race – specific reaction, it is unlikely that this is all on genetics, because the people of African origin are very different contained Steve Nissen, chairman the the FDA advisory committee that recommended approval of BiDil, said: I hope what it does, doctors are paying attention to the fact , the study founderican heart failure patients respond differently drugs drugs.

‘Controversial step towards ‘new frontier of personalized medicine, the new York Times reports. BiDil is the first drug approved by the FDA for use in a particular ethnic group approved. A recent study, BiDil reduced the risk of heart disease in patients with black skin. Participated in the study, 050 black patients with moderate to severe heart failure, half of the participants received BiDil, a combination of heart disease drug isosorbide dinitrate and hydralazine, and half received a placebo. After three years, received 32 participants that died BiDil, who received a placebo, in comparison, the study found.Eisai eritoran research and development efforts with regard severe sepsis with and showing society human health care mission unmet medical demand and increase benefits for the patients and families. Source: Eisai Inc.

The ACCESS trial was a overall, randomized, double – blind, placebo – controlled trial that evaluated the efficiency and safety from eritoran as a potential treatment for severe sepsis. The people studies a moderate-to – high risk of mortality of initial value APACHE II score did calculated Sheet music 21 to 37. Eisai Inc. Disease severity scoring system septicemia sepsis research. The scoring system and other severity of disease scoring systems are ICUs intensive care units .