Conditions like anxiety.

Conditions like anxiety, depression and unmanageable stress to a British six workers per year and companies can cost up to 26 billion annually? However, simple steps can help manage mental health issues in the workplace and to promote the well -being of employees, companies can save up to a third of that costs.

Many small businesses are already half way there by their employees with good quality working relationships and options for flexible work. The next step is for employers to recognize mental health issues, creating an open culture in which employees can raise problems and extend existing practices to help In many cases sane. In many cases, this is already happening.To examine, Schretlen and his colleagues are recruits 40 patients with schizophrenia from ambulant Hospital from Johns Hopkins and Sheppard Enoch Pratt hospitals in Baltimore, had blood tests, HSV 1 the patients had no antibodies to HSV – 1 and 15. The researchers gave any patient tests the speed of coordinating, for measuring organizational ability and verbal memory. Which patients then underwent MRI brain scans to measure the volume of the regions of their brain.

Physicians have a long known brain volume. Including issues to psychomotor speed, concentration of, learning and memory, widely used characteristics of schizophrenic, the an estimated one % of the U.S. Population suffer. Cognitive deficits many surface months or even years until traditionally used traditionally used to diagnose this disease, as delusions or hallucinations.