By rapidly screening the whole viral genome

By rapidly screening the whole viral genome, Sykes tries ‘ group of genes to isolate for an effective vaccine . This subunit vaccine approach is in contrast to traditional vaccine methods, where scientists use a weakened form of a live, whole – virus strain. The old-fashioned vaccinologists dogma is that you have a vaccine that will make the immune response that creates happens in a natural infection, says Sykes. But pathogens like poxviruses also contain elements that help the virus evade or in some cases, undermine the host immune system. Subunit vaccines use only those genomic segments known to be immunogenic, provoking a robust immune response without the danger of initiating disease.

To further increase the immune response, recommends Sykes using a gene gun, the subunit vaccines, a process in which protective antigens directly shot into the cytoplasm of the immunogenic rather than rather than injected needle into muscle cells, which immunogenic themselves immunogenic themselves active). Such gene gun delivery provides a highly effective mechanism for delivering antigens to the immune system.

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