Ana Paula Abreu.

Nevertheless, although an increasing quantity of genes have already been implicated in congenital isolated hypogonadotropic hypogonadism and the Kallmann syndrome,12,13 only a few, rare molecular defects have been identified in sufferers with central precocious puberty, no solid association provides been proved.19,20 We therefore sought to identify genetic factors behind central precocious puberty by executing an exome sequence analysis in 15 families with central precocious puberty. Methods Patients We determined for our study 15 probands with central precocious puberty and their affected and unaffected family members .Led by the Medical Assn. Of Georgia, seven other state and regional medical societies and three surgical specialty societies signed a July 21 letter to Congress that opposes the legislation. The letter said, We adamantly oppose the following as inconsistent with quality medical care and the concepts of freedom and liberty that lie in the centre of our form of authorities and our culture. Republican Congressmen asked the AMA to reconsider its support in a letter to an executive of this association. The bill works against physician priorities by using a government-run plan to drive out private insurance competition, pressure Medicare-based prices on doctors and prompt many physicians to close their doors for good, they said.