Although most people are unaware of using active honey of beauty toady.

You see it promotes the production of elastin and collagen. Anyone who has ever bought a high end face care cream will know that they contain elastin and collagen. These are chemicals which can help plump and firm the skin giving a younger look,, so by applying active honey to the real face, you could enhance the appearance of your skin layer and take years off your lifestyle without using any nasty chemical remedies.. Active Honey IS IDEAL FOR The Skin Most of us will probably be more used to eating honey on our breads or cereal than we are with using it within our beauty regime but dynamic honey has many properties which will make it ideal for use on your skin.Electron-microscopic evaluation confirmed a marked decrease in the amount of alpha granules . Affected family members had moderate-to-serious bleeding tendencies . Histopathological Findings Histopathological examination of a bone marrow biopsy specimen obtained from Family Member III.2 demonstrated stage I myelofibrosis and cellular marrow with an elevated number of megakaryocytes which were pleomorphic in proportions and shape . Emperipolesis was frequently observed . Megakaryocytes were clustered along bone marrow sinuses and acquired stretched features .