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‘This research is a distinctive example of the importance of collaboration across institutions to deliver high quality technology,’ said Raj, director of the division of professor and nephrology of medication at the GW College of Medicine and Health Sciences. The AASK research, which enrolled African American individuals with persistent kidney disease related to hypertension, discovered that kidney failing happened in 58.1 % of patients in the APOL1 high-risk group and 36.6 % of those in the APOL1 low-risk group. In the CRIC study, kidney function decline was better among black individuals in the APOL1 high-risk group, but it was similar among black individuals in the APOL1 low-risk group and white individuals, of their diabetes status regardless.This is one of the explanations why sunless tanning products have grown to be so popular as of late. Health Related Reasons There are various health-related reasons why you should consider using home tanning items as opposed to actually sunlight tanning. Of course, there are also some positive effects associated with getting a little bit of sun on a daily basis. Of all First, it replenishes the supplement D and enables you to have healthy looking skin.However, prolonged natural tanning can cause some very severe and adverse health impacts. For instance, skin cancer is often associated with over tanning throughout one’s life. Although the sun is good for your skin technically, over exposure to sunlight can definitely cause issues that are hard to measure over the course of a lifetime.