Added advantage of thyroid cancer drug vandetanib not proven Uncertain data.

With the exception of survival period, the analyses in the manufacturer's dossier for most outcomes were limited by observations made through the treatment the patients were originally assigned to. This means that data on courses of disease following the noticeable change of treatment were not considered anymore. Pain progression in people aged under 65 years happened later There were no statistically significant variations between treatment with or without vandetanib regarding mortality . Regarding symptoms and complaints, there was a hint of a minor added advantage of vandetanib in people aged under 65 years: In the younger patients, the time to discomfort progression was almost eight months longer on average under vandetanib plus ‘best supportive treatment’ than under ‘greatest supportive care’ only.‘ExxonMobil has been an invaluable partner to bettering the lives of these surviving in Africa,’ said Africare President Darius Mans. ‘The company’s contributions – including not only funds, but their efforts to provide on-the-ground support, lend business experience and raise the world’s knowing of the scourge of malaria – have saved countless lives on the continent.’ The brand new grants, which total $1,425,000, will enable thousands of additional children and families in Africa to get the necessary look after managing malaria.