According to news outlets.

Abortion, contraception politics still on front burner seeing that primaries loom The political furor around contraception and abortion shows no sign of abating, according to news outlets. The New York Occasions: Santorum Says Religious beliefs and Conservative Concepts Are in Risk Two days before the Arizona and Michigan primaries, Rick Santorum on Sunday made a wide appeal to interpersonal conservatives. [he] veered right into a critique of President Obama, whom he did not name, for his health care plan and his latest directive that insurance companies pay for contraceptives for anyone who wants them, even if they work for a Catholic institution .Faecalis S613 was obtained after moving the bacterium through increasing subinhibitory concentrations of daptomycin twice daily for 17 days, starting with a concentration of 0. Genomic Evaluation and Sequencing Paired-end sequence reads of the E. Faecalis strain set were generated with the Illumina Genome Analyzer IIx at the Washington University Genome Institute, generating 100 base-paired end reads that were assembled by using Velvet software program.7 Genomic analysis and comparisons were performed by applying standard methods .