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A study by Dr. Kroenke also revealed a correlation between the severity of pain reported by the patients and the success of the treatment of depression. The more severe the pain at the beginning the treatment, the less responsive depression antidepressants.

Kroenke. Even though the physical symptoms are related to or aggravated by the depression, they longer than the longer than the emotional symptoms. – In his article The outcome of physical symptoms with treatment of depression, said Dr. Kroenke cautions it is important to monitor physical symptoms when evaluating patients with depression. If the physical symptoms, additional medical tests may be required.. Physical symptoms can serve as a barometer for the doctors to assess the effectiveness of the common antidepressants, he said. – Can not Physical symptoms common to medical treatment for depression response as much as the emotional symptoms, said Dr.The award will will presented 2009 . Next to monetary prizes, Merck & Co to cover the recipient Get costs and charges incurred to register the ARVO AGM which will take place in Fort Lauderdale, every April / May. ‘pleased Merck be, that ARVO Foundation for Eye Research by through this global award that detect promising researchers and its pioneering work in the fields of eye care sponsor,’said Anastasia Daifotis, VP, of Global Medical Affairs, Merck & Co. ‘We hope to encourage AFER global efforts to promote innovation and to support for on eye and vision research will continue inspiring more young scientists.

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