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The technological benefit of the CIPAM is founded on many years of development, resulting in a single board which includes all parameters’ acquisition elements. This enables a development of a wide range of services which are small and sizable yet possess the same powerful abilities of the existing multiple boards which are used by other manufacturers. Mennen Medical has developed applications with the CIPAM currently, included in this the CFE, which is the front end of Mennen Medical’s hemodynamic system, the VitaLogik 4X00, which is a portable compact patient monitor and the VitaLogik 5X00 – a mid range bed part monitor.The immune responses directed to our DNA vaccine appear to be very broad, Ho says. It could be that the vaccine in its current form could protect against most of the H5N1 infections out there. And even if it can’t, he notes, if a different strain of H5N1 begins to circulate, it should only take a few days to acquire its genetic sequence and adapt the existing vaccine to battle it. A version of the consensus vaccine has been produced already, Ho says, so that it can move into human clinical trials as fast as possible. And another electroporation research is under method at The Rockefeller University Hospital, this one examining the potency of electroporation combined with a DNA vaccine against HIV.