A Phase III clinical trial to evaluate PROCHIEV.

Columbia Laboratories informed ‘ on PREGNANT Study PublicationColumbia Laboratories today announced that the company expects results from the PREGNANT Study, a Phase III clinical trial to evaluate PROCHIEV , in published are a respected medical journal online peer review next week, and in the magazine print edition thereafter. The company will announce a press release at the time of online publication.

This information was courtesy of globalhealth.org the Henry J. Kaiser Family Foundation, you can use the entire Global Health Global Health Policy Report search the archives and sign up for email delivery at global health.GE Healthcare designed to a new portfolio of ready-to-use equipment and system for the biopharmaceutical production. Which See portfolio being ReadyToProcessTM develops a variety of products to the biopharmaceutical industry according to satisfy higher speeds, simplicity and security for all areas of Biochemical – on cell culture and fermentation until final clean. – The ReadyToProcess platform be one obvious choice for customers who early-stage the project rate and later-stage biopharmaceutical manufacturing to improve flexibility, said Ann O’Hara, general manager on BioProcess GE Healthcare life science. A long-terme growth of our ReadyToProcess products help customers minimize the the time required for the preparation and switch Things to Do spend.

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